Shall I get my teeth whitened for a wedding?

Shall I get my teeth whitened for a wedding?

You could be sure of one thing on your wedding day; the common word you would hear is ‘smile’. Your wedding photographer, your relatives, family and friends would be shouting ‘cheese’ or ‘smile’ for that perfect click to be remembered for times to come. Therefore, you should prepare yourself, especially your teeth to look their absolute best on the wedding day. There would be several things for you to do prior to your wedding day. An important thing would be to ensure perfect white teeth for that perfect smile.

When looking forward to having great teeth, find below nine things to do after you get engaged.

  • Going for consultation

Foremost, you should go to a dentist. Based on what you wish to do with your teeth, it would be imperative to start the process early. It would save you from last minute rush. Veneers would take at least two to three months. Treatments such as realignment and straightening could take almost a year. Therefore, you should plan accordingly. Check in with regular dentist first prior to going to a specialist.

  • Cleaning your teeth

Would you wax your car without cleaning it? Apparently not, then why would you whiten your teeth without cleaning them? Cleaning your teeth before whitening them would help you see exactly what you would require professionally and what you would take care of when at home.

  • Start whitening your teeth

You should not leave whitening at the last minute. The whitening process would generally take one or two weeks based on the results you wish to have. Therefore, it would be imperative not to try keeping it for last minute. A big mistake made by the bride would be whitening your teeth prior to your wedding day. It would not be recommended in event of accidental exposure to the gum tissue that could cause gingival irritation. In event of you looking forward to whitening your teeth at home, it would be suggested that you should look for the closest professional treatment available on the market.

  • Maintaining your oral health at home

Before your wedding day, there would be several things to think about. However, treating your teeth in the right manner should be your priority. The best thing for the teeth to be done by the bride at home would be maintaining her oral health during busy times.

  • Following the white smile diet

Eating apples or celery has been deemed effective as brushing. Veggies and raw fruits would be loaded with fiber, which is natural abrasive helpful in cleaning teeth. You should avoid consuming foods that have been sticky and dark. However, foods that have been deemed the worst culprits for staining your teeth would be inclusive of coffee, red wine, balsamic vinegar or barbecue sauce.

  • Checking out the toothpaste

You should avoid toothpaste and mouthwash that would be safest and effective for your teeth cleaning needs. It should not be harmful for your teeth and gums. Avoid toothpaste that contains silica. The mouthwash should be alcohol free.


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