Singapore Students Studying in the UK Can Find Work

Singapore Students Studying in the UK Can Find Work

With proper coaching tools, support, and advice, Singapore students can find it easy to find their dream career. The UK job market always welcomes international students to nourish their abilities as well as to start a fulfilling job. So, students need to make sure they are provided with essential coaching services to ensure a professional career.

More than 2,000 Singapore students in London alone are studying postgraduate and undergraduate courses. Engineering, law, and social studies are the most popular courses among them. Then, followed by medicine, business and medicine courses.

But, is there a high chance that they can find a job in the UK?

There are current uncertainties over the UK visa regulations for international students that might result in some difficulties in surviving in the job market. However, coaching services can help them resolve the issue. So, fulfilling careers are still waiting for Singapore students.

Students from Singapore should have a more in-depth understanding of how they can overcome challenges when looking for a job. They need to determine the current situation in the job market as well as to consider professional help.


The labor market for UK graduate remains to be changing. However, with the continued participation of many employers in different sectors to internship, consultancy, and banking, there can be an increase in graduate recruitment.


When graduates and students are planning to enter the job market in the UK, they can choose between direct entry and graduate schemes.

The direct entry covers the entire graduate market and where you can find the majority of the graduates. Here, the employers range from small to medium-sized organizations having a few structured programs. This means that there is no clear assurance that they can provide sponsorship to international students.

Graduate schemes usually come with larger employers seeking for constant entry of talents.  Deadline for graduate schemes recruitment and internships typically happen during October. This can result in less time to prepare for the applications at the start of academic year.

Good thing, coaching services offer solutions to help Singapore students to prepare resumes and applications at the very start of the term.


UK employers also set qualifications for international students, including:

  • Excellent language skills intended for better communication to international clients
  • Deep understanding of the chosen career or field
  • Teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to connect career focus
  • The valuable reason why apply to the particular organization

Singapore students need to highlight the recent project they have completed. Having a relevant work background is a significant advantage. Thus, employers are also interested in the applicants who undergone several volunteers or those who gained a volunteer position to test and enhance their skills in a unique environment.

While Singapore students are still studying, they should not limit their learnings. They can consider volunteer work to help them acquire new skills and discoveries. Also, coaching services should be on their side from the time they decided to start building a career in the UK.

Trusted Coaching can help you obtain the needed support, knowledge and skills, to get your desired job position, and make your professional success a reality. You will be provided with proper coaching to overcome possible challenges you might face along with the realization of your dreams.

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