Sugary Foods Damage the teeth but how

Sugary Foods Damage the teeth but how

Dental health is a very important issue; therefore, we give it its prominence to take care of our teeth and oral health. Maybe you do not know it, but every day we consume food that stains us and makes the teeth lose their natural white colour, also losing the enamel.


We have habits that we think are healthy but instead, they are not so much, for example, brushing your teeth as soon as you finish eating to keeping teeth looking healthy, in some cases, it is counterproductive because it can damage the enamel. It is better to wait 30 minutes to avoid possible wear.


If you are looking for a movie denture, take note of the following foods since these will have to be further from your diet, we do not say they are not healthy, we just say that with the properties they contain, will lead to the degrading of enamel.


Food that harms your enamel

If you abuse certain products without thinking about the consequences can cause dental damage and harm our oral health.


Coffee: Who does not drink a rich cup of coffee in the morning? Well, we will say that coffee can wear the natural enamel of the teeth and can make them look yellow. If you are one of the most coffee growers try to change your habits and start taking teas and green tea, which besides being more natural is not so harmful.


Alcoholic beverages: Alcohol can be your worst enemy if you are looking for a dreamy smile. Alcohol dehydrates the body and buckles mucosa. This causes that the gums are more sensitive and in the long run you can suffer more serious problems in the gums that will be visible.


Lemon: this citrus is very corrosive because it is a very acidic citrus. It is a good source of vitamin C, but that acid can weaken tooth enamel. However, it is one of the most alkalizing natural foods, its benefits are many more than the few disadvantages that could have, so we recommend its consumption. If you want to reduce the risk of your enamel becoming corrupted, you should wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.


Dehydrated fruits:  Like plums, they contain a large amount of sugar, although it is natural, it appears vicious, it can stick to the teeth and damage the enamel, as if it were a treat. So you have to consume them sparingly and brush yours to keeping teeth looking healthy if they are consumed to eliminate the remains that may have remained attached.


Beverages with bubbles: It has always been related that soft drinks have large amounts of sugar; these substances damage the tooth enamel. Try to stop taking them and opt for their sweetened versions or better yet, consume natural juices made at home.


Salted cookies:  These snacks that can be found in many places eventually produce damage in the natural enamel, has an effect similar to that of sugar. All processed foods such as potato chips, crackers produce damage to the teeth; we have to be careful not to abuse this type of food.


Some types of sauces:  For example, ketchup, balsamic vinegar or soy sauce dye your teeth, if you want a perfect smile you should not abuse them, reduce the consumption of sauces and substitute other condiments such as oil.


Sugary foods:  At this moment it is already evident that sugar is harmful to your teeth; an excessive amount can cause corrosion in your enamel. For this reason, we recommend consuming products such as sugar-sweetened drinks with straws so that they do not come in direct contact with the teeth.


Beverages with extreme temperatures:  Finally, warn that very hot or very cold foods can bother us and damage the gums, increase tooth sensitivity and inflame the blood vessels inside the tooth. A tempera meals and do not consume products with high or very low temperatures.


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