Tips for having white teeth on D-Day

Tips for having white teeth on D-Day

A whiter smile than your wedding dress is possible! After deciding on a wedding makeup with tanning effect to enhance your complexion, several techniques are available to you to whiten your teeth.


Treatments, homemade recipes or eating habits, take into account our tips for shining on your photos as much as when giving your wedding speech. If D-Day will have sparks in your eyes, why not say as much about your teeth?


Foods to avoid


First, start by avoiding some foods that stain their teeth over time. Coffee, tea, soda, red wine and red berries give a long, yellowish colour to your teeth. If you eat these foods and drinks every day, your teeth have certainly lost their lustre. Take care to reduce the quantities or eliminate these products from your diet well before the day of your festivities. The cigarette is, of course, to be avoided, so think to stop some bad habits a few months before your event.


Grandma’s recipes


Baking soda has many properties including whitening teeth! You only have to sprinkle a net on your toothbrush, but you can also mix it with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide or with half a lemon juice for more shine. In either case, it will form a paste (like toothpaste) that you can use no more than once a week to avoid damaging your enamel.


Another natural abrasive is vegetable charcoal. This carbonization of several varieties of wood has been used in India for thousands of years to whiten teeth. So the same principle, you only have to mix it with your toothpaste or a little water to form a paste to apply to your teeth using a cotton swab once or twice a week. You will take the little risk since this type of coal is edible!


Coarse sea salt is also a natural solution for eliminating dental stains thanks to the iodine it contains. Just mix it with warm water and brush your teeth twice a week. Be careful not to drink the cup!

Let’s move on to something fruitier. The inner white peel of orange contains whitening properties. After eating your orange, rub your teeth for 1 minute with this natural ingredient. Saliva should be allowed to act for at least half an hour (so wait for a little before brushing your teeth with toothpaste).


Medical treatments


If you are not convinced by Grandma’s recipes, know that there are products in the pharmacy that will allow you to whiten your teeth with whitening agents. Let’s mention the whitening toothpaste, gutters, adhesive strips and gels, which you will have to let work at night (not necessarily the sexiest choice, but effective!).


The dental offices and “bars of smiles”, in vogue since a few years, will offer you a whiter teeth laser treatment if you present the appropriate conditions. Know that the rates can be a little expensive, but say that it’s once in your life, for a very special day! You can already start a descaling process.


Be ready to chew your life to the fullest! D-Day, because you will experience many moments of joy and emotion, you will be the target of some jokes on the part of your loved ones and the protagonists of their humorous wedding speeches, you hold to a dentition of a whiteness immaculate! You just have to decide how to display the most beautiful of all the smiles during your original wedding.


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